Farmers in Tanzania Reaping Huge from Improved Groundnut Farming

Over a period of 12 years (2007-2019), Tropical Legumes projects (TL I, II, III) led to development of 101 groundnut varieties, 11 of which were developed and released in Tanzania. Funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and implemented by ICRISAT, CIAT and IITA, the projects have been guided by market‐driven approaches to develop...

Dr. Abhishek Rathore AVISA’s PO champion gives his expectations for the 2nd year

Dr. Abhishek Rathore – Principal Scientist – ICRISAT India and AVISA’s PO champion explains during the project annual planning meeting at Kampala in 2019 that for the 2nd year of the project, “we will take AVISA at the next level of analytics. We will train partners and discuss with them about bioinformatics aspect like how...

Dr. Esther Njuguna Social Scientist gives us her expectations on the year 2 of AVISA implementation

Dr. Esther Njuguna –ICRISAT ‘s East and Southern Africa (ESA) region Gender Scientist, gives us her expectations on the year 2 of AVISA Project implementation in ESA countries. “I realize that we all encounter such an amazing partnership opportunity through meetings like the AVISA annual planning meeting. My partners are not only the NARS, I work with universities,...

Year 2 of AVISA: Dr. Sako from IER gives us his expectation and perspectives about activities in Mali

Dr.Dramane Sako’s, Groundnut breeder and partner of AVISA explains to us the main role of his institute “IER” in the execution of the project in Mali. He gives a brief review of Year One activities and outline his prospects for the current year. Let’s listen to Dr. Sako from IER Kayes. Share

Expectations and perspectives of Dr. Eveline – social scientist on AVISA’s activities in Burkina.

Dr. Eveline S. Ouedraogo – social scientist at INERA in Burkina Faso shares with us her expectations for the first year of implementation of AVISA and her perspectives for the second year. It was during AVISA annual meeting in Kampala – December 2019. Let’s hear her… Share

Theory of change of AVISA Project

Theory of change of AvisaProject. What does this mean for a major project like AVISA? Dr. Geoffrey Muricho, MLE scientist-makes us a brief summary. Listen to him… Share

Peter Mlengula Farewell

AVISA Project and partners are sad to announce the death of one of our colleagues, Peter Mlengula. Death occurred on December 18, 2019. May the earth be light to him. We offer our sincere condolences to the family of the deceased. Share

Biological control of the millet head miner

Using insects to prevent the millet head miner caterpillar, one of the main pests of millet in the Sahel. This is the experience of researchers and farmers in Burkina Faso, Niger and Mali. Share

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